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Wyatt's Birth Story

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

My baby was born during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hello friends! I hope you're all staying safe and healthy during this crazy time that is 2020. It's been a bit of a whirlwind for us, as I am sure it has been for many people. Our lives have all been changed in some way I think from this Covid-19 Pandemic. My boyfriend Randy and I found out we were going to have our first little peanut last July, and found out we were going to be having a boy that September. His due date was March 27th, but he was breech pretty much the whole pregnancy so we knew we were looking at getting a scheduled Cesarean. Little did we know though that he was going to be born during the biggest Pandemic of our lifetime.

I want to share our little Wyatt's birth story with you all. He turned six months last week, and it really brought on a lot of emotions for me. He's growing so fast, and for me it feels like we just brought him home yesterday. Here's our story.

Breech baby= C-section

The week before our scheduled C-section for our breeched baby boy who still didn't have a name because I couldn't decide on one, things really hit the fan with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Bars, restaurants, and salons had all closed down. Anything that wasn't an "essential" was not available. Luckily we had already stocked up on toilet paper from Costco because this was when people were panic buying and there was nothing left on the shelves. I remember Randy and I going to Target to get a few things, seeing the empty shelves, and looking at each other like, did we miss something? Everything was gone- bread, spaghetti, meat, milk, let's not forget the hand sanitizer and toilet paper (people with thirty years worth of that crap in your garage, how ya doin?). I was beginning to get a little nervous, but my anxiety hadn't really taken over my life yet at that point. I was already upset I couldn't deliver my baby the old fashioned way and had to have a C-section. I remember breaking down into hysterics when our doctor gave us the news. I was lucky, I had a very healthy pregnancy besides a little bit of a scare with a slightly covered cervix in the beginning which resolved itself, so I thought having a natural birth after all might be an option. But it turned out it wasn't, and I was so disappointed. I felt like I let myself and our baby down, like I was a failure. It's hard to explain those emotions, people think having a C-section is "the easy way out", and I'm here to tell ya, it most certainly is not. I felt like I didn't get that opportunity to go through the labor and delivery part, where you see the pictures of the beaming mom holding her newborn and putting her fist into the air like, "I did it!". We tried everything to get our stubborn boy to turn into the right position. I got a medicine ball and bounced on that thing every night while we watched TV. I had Randy doing all the yoga poses with me. I made weekly appointments with a chiropractor who performed the "Webster Technique" (basically they try to stretch your uterus to make more room so the baby can move). The only thing I wasn't willing to do, was have the doctor manually try to move him. I've heard it's incredibly painful, can cause complications that may lead to an emergency C-section, and that the baby can move right back into breech anyway, so I decided against it. Ultimately we were going to have a scheduled C-section, and it was going to happen right when shit hit the fan with Covid-19.

A couple of surprises

Our last prenatal appointment, they weren't allowing anyone but the patient in, but because we were going to be having a C-section the following week, they let Randy come with me. They began screening everyone at this point, asking all of the questions I'm sure we all have heard, like, "Have you traveled in the last two weeks? Do you have a fever? Do you have a cough?". We were told that because of the Pandemic, hospitals were not allowing visitors. Our families would not be allowed to come visit us at the hospital. In movies and TV shows you always see how happy everyone is to come see the new baby, bring flowers, teddy bears. We were not going to have any of that. We were on our own.

The night before the C-section was weird. We dropped our dog Gary off at a friend's house, and our apartment was so quiet without him we almost couldn't sleep. We took our last bump pictures. I was hit with the sudden realization that I was about to have major surgery, and we were about to have our baby, during a Pandemic. I had so much anxiety and fear. We prayed, and went to bed. In the morning, we grabbed our packed hospital bags and loaded up the car. It felt more like we were headed to the airport than to go have a baby. We were told to enter through the emergency room entrance, and they would check us in and lead us into the maternity ward. However when we walked in, it was like walking into the lion's den. We were immediately bombarded by nurses in what I can only describe as Hazmat gear. The only thing I remember anyone saying was, "Which one of you is sick?? The other one needs to leave, now!". I had never been so scared. All I could say was that we were having a baby, and they told us we had to leave and go to the main hospital. Apparently we didn't get the memo.

Once we got through screening, we were able to have a moment to ourselves in the prep room. I changed into the hospital gown, and we took a bump picture. I was really regretting my decision to cut my own bangs. The nurse came in and let us know it was almost time for us to have our baby. She then told us that the hospital had changed their protocol over the weekend, and that Randy couldn't come with me into the operating room because of the PPE shortage. Basically there weren't enough masks for them to give to the birthing partners. The room got small, and I suddenly couldn't see straight. All I could do was break down and cry. The nurse immediately tried to calm me down, and went to get permission to have Randy come with me. She got the approval, which later we found out we were possibly one of the last ones to get away with it, because the next week they absolutely were not allowing anyone in. I am so thankful for this nurse for going out of her way to help us.

Surgery time

After being poked with a needle more times than I can count because I was pretty dehydrated, they finally were able to get my IV in, and we walked down the hallway to the OR. Randy had to sit in a chair outside while they did my spinal block, which is similar to an epidural except stronger, you're basically numb up to your nipples. Once I was numb, they were ready to start the C-section and brought Randy in. I immediately gripped his hand as hard as I could, and told him to not let go of my hand. Later he told me that when he got into the room and saw me, he'd never seen me look so afraid and he'll never forget my eyes, he said they were wide and darting back and forth. They started the C-section, everything was happening so fast. I had a wonderful anesthesiologist, she talked softly with me during the whole procedure and stroked my head, letting me know step-by-step what was happening. C-sections are weird because you are awake lying there on the table and you can't see anything, you don't feel any pain, but you are aware you're being cut open while all the doctors in the room are having normal conversations like what vacation they took recently. A couple of minutes of very intense pulling and tugging and pushing on your chest, and the anesthesiologist is letting Randy know it's time to look because the baby is coming out. She had my phone to take pictures. I still couldn't see what was happening, but I knew he was out. I don't remember much at that point. I know Randy went to be with our baby after they had him out, and after what felt like hours they brought him over to me and placed him on my chest. Later I found out our boy was in "shock", he wasn't breathing, and that's why I don't remember much of hearing him cry. I got to see on video later that he was incredibly blue and not making a sound until they got him to respond and were able to bring him to me. He just was the best thing I had ever laid my eyes on in my life. I was still lying flat there on the table while they worked to put me back together, so I couldn't really hold him, but I was immediately in love. He had a full head of strawberry blonde hair, explains the heartburn. Randy tells me all the fear immediately left my eyes as soon as I saw our boy. Again at this point I don't remember much. Sewing mom back up was the longest part, and I was exhausted. But we had our boy, even though I still hadn't picked a name. He was here and we were both doing great.

Finding a name

We made it. We had our baby. And he was perfect. All I really remember about the recovery was how tired I was. The spinal block wore off after a couple of hours and I could move my toes again, which meant the pain started to hit. All I wanted to do was snuggle our sweet boy, but we both needed sleep. Not being able to have visitors actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we were able to rest and bond in a calm, quiet environment. All of our nurses were incredible human beings. My blood pressure dropped pretty low, so I had to get a lot of fluids quick to help bring it back up. Once I was able to get out of the hospital bed without fainting, they would walk me to the bathroom and literally helped me every step of the way, right down to changing me. Yeah, in case you didn't know, you get to wear diapers too, even after a C-section. All our nurses kept asking what his name was, and we still didn't have one. I had a couple I wrote down on our chalkboard at home, but I couldn't pick one. I knew Randy really liked one of them the most, but looking at our boy, it just didn't fit him. He was a Wyatt. He's our Wyatt, he was born during the Pandemic, but he's so much more than that. Being born during the Pandemic will not be the only birth story we'll tell him about when he gets older, it doesn't define him. We will tell him how he came into our lives how he wanted to, and how much I fell in love with him as soon as we finally got to meet. I'll tell him how he changed our lives, and came at the exact time he was suppose to. He's saved me in so many ways, and I'll never be the same. I'll be the best version of myself I can be for him. Even with my C-section scar, I feel the most whole I've ever felt now that we have our Wyatt.

Thank you so much for reading our baby boy's birth story. There's quite a few details and emotions I actually held back, and may reveal in a future post. I have been feeling extremely vulnerable lately, and at times even judged, and was too nervous to share quite a few of my anxieties. I hope to be able to share more with you all soon.

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