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Undone flatiron waves

Happy Tuesday friends!!

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far. Just wanted to go over a tutorial I loved doing in the salon! My clients always asked how they can style their own hair at home. One of the most requested looks was always beach waves. To me, beach waves are here to stay, because they can be done on just about anyone with any haircut, and can look effortless and natural with just a few salon tricks. You can also shop my sweater now 30% off, and mom jeans, on my #LIKETOKNOWIT *link info at bottom of post*


Before we get started, here's a few of my salon tips!

The one thing I always made sure my clients had before they went home to style their own hair was all the right tools and professional products they needed to achieve the same look at home. That's right folks, no one is going to get the same results as a professional with products they found at a drugstore. Invest in your hair, get the professional products.

You'll need:

  • Thermal protection spray

  • Dry texture spray

  • Finishing hairspray

Another great tip to remember, is don't worry about being perfect! Loose, undone waves are better achieved with a messier technique, you don't want each wave to be too uniform.

Don't be afraid to try going in different directions with your iron. Alternate a couple pieces going forward and a couple in the opposite direction. Be creative.

Don't be afraid to get dirty. Use your fingers to "comb" out the waves after letting them cool. Use a dry texture spray to add some grit and texture. Second-day hair is the best!

Change up your part. Want some extra volume with your waves? Try changing your part. Flip sides. If you don't like it, it's just hair, wash it out the next day.

How -to loose, undone waves with a flatiron

  • Working on dry hair, use a thermal protection spray, and section hair from the bottom and work up the head by taking horizontal partings.

  • Next, grab a small piece of the section, no thicker than the tool you're using.

  • Holding the flatiron, clamp the mid section of the hair between both plates, and rotate the flatiron a single full turn. *tip: start by rotating away from the face in the front, and then alternate directions*

  • Release the hair. Leave the ends out! Do not curl the ends. Leaving them out creates a natural look, and helps leave length.

  • Take the next small section of hair, and repeat. This is where you can get creative and change the direction of the wave simply by rotating in the opposite direction as the previous curl.

  • Work your way up the head in small sections until all hair is curled. Allow to cool.

  • Using your fingers, rake through the waves to separate. Spray dry texture spray to add grit and texture.

  • Add a bit of finishing hairspray at the root for volume.

I loved creating this look on clients in the salon. It works well with almost anyone, from long bobs to long mermaid hair. Many of my clients found flatiron curls a bit challenging at first, but once you get in there and get the repetition going, you can really achieve beautiful, "undone" beach waves in no time at home.

Let me know what you guys think! Do you like to curl your hair with a flatiron? What challenges do you face most when styling your own hair at home? Do you guys like to see these tutorials, and what other styles would you like to see?

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