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Tuesday Tips- How to get a thicker, fuller blowout at home

Happy Tuesday babes! How is it November? My boyfriend Randy asked me if I was going to do an "election day" post, and if you know me at all you know I absolutely do not like to discuss politics, so I'll just leave it at I hope everyone voted and no matter the outcome let's all continue to be kind humans to each other!

Since a lot of us have been spending more time at home lately, I thought I'd share with you my salon secrets for achieving a full, voluminous blowout at home! One of the things I miss most about working in the salon is helping my clients with their hair concerns, and one of the questions I got asked the most was, "how do I get more volume?". Easy girlfriend! Just takes patience and practice, and my favorite L'ANZA styling products (listed below!).

You will need:

  • Blowdryer w/nozzle attachment

  • Medium to large round brush, depending on hair type/length

  • Clips to section hair

My L'ANZA product recommendations:

  • Healing Volume Root Effects root lifter

  • Healing Volume Thickening Treatment Spray blowdry spray

  • Healing Volume Final Effects finishing hairspray

How to do a professional blowout with volume:

  1. After shampooing & conditioning with L'ANZA Healing Volume Shampoo & Conditioner, apply Thickening Treatment Spray on damp, towel dried hair

  2. Spray the Root Effects mousse directly onto the root, focusing on the crown where you want added volume

  3. Power dry hair so that it is about 80% dry, focusing on lifting hair at the crown & top of the head with your fingers to create volume. You can also blowdry upside down!

  4. Once hair is power dried to about 80% dry, part hair at its natural part,, & section hair into workable sections no larger than the width of your round brush. Clip out of the way.

  5. Beginning at the nape or neck, round brush the first section of hair, directing upward, until smooth & dry.

  6. Release next section, & repeat, working your way up the head.

  7. Once you've reached the top of the head, you'll want to work forward, directing hair up for volume.

  8. Once all sections are dry, do a "cool shot" at roots to set & lock volume.

  9. Hold the volume in place with the Final Effects hairspray.

*Pro tips*

When powerdrying, focus on lifting roots upward with your fingers using lots of tension.

Aim the nozzle attachment down the hair shaft to smooth cuticle for frizz reduction.

Use lots of tension with the round brush when lifting at the scalp.

Make sure hair is completely dry when you're done!

I love a good blowout with volume, it's sexy and can last you a few days! With all this extra time at home, give it a try, surprise your Zoom coworkers with a professional-looking blowout!

If you've been working from home, have you been spending more or less time doing your hair? What are your biggest concerns with your hair that you'd like to learn how to do at home? I'd love your feedback!

The Unemployed Hairstylist

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