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True Crime Thursday Wine-down

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I am so freaking excited for Thursday nights, for a couple of reasons.

For one, my boyfriend plays rec softball on Thursday nights after work (even with Covid, and even though I tried to fight it at first because of Covid, but I have to allow myself to let some things go, it's fine, I'm fine...).

I spend all day, every day, at home with the baby, which I LOVE, don't get me wrong. But I also am slowly realizing that he's okay even if I do something else for a little while, like write blogs or shower or get a glass of water... "Mom Guilt" is R E A L. I still struggle with feeling guilty if I have to put baby down so I can get something to eat or take a shower.

That's why Thursday nights are now the new Friday nights for me (let's face it, during this weird Quarantine-land we are living in, does anyone REALLY even know what day it is? I mean it's August people...let that sink in...it. is. A U G U S T.)

So my favorite thing about this is I get to have a glass of wine (err, yeah, just one glass...), sit back, and relax with some soothing true crime. Morbid? Maybe. Still very, very intriguing? Yes. I wonder why it is we are so fascinated by these true crime shows, podcasts, whatever true crime we can find. Is it because the majority of us are actually pretty damn normal when compared to serial killers (except you sick people out there who wash, dry, AND put their laundry away all in the same day, you can't be trusted) and we cannot even fathom how they can commit such despicable acts upon another human being? Probably. Do we still want to watch with our mouths gaping and full of popcorn and listen to every single twisted detail of their crimes? Oh hell yes we do.

If you're like me, and slightly okay super obsessed with all things true crime, and also need a little glass of vino because it's Friday Eve and you have just had a day or week and the dog won't stop barking and your sink is full of dirty dishes and you haven't washed your hair in like who knows how many days now- take a deep breath sis and join me every Thursday night, where I review a true crime show & recommend a wine to go with it (again, is it morbid that my fave is red?).

This week my childhood bestie who can obsess over all things true crime with me is joining in for an episode, not to mention we can throw down some wine like we're still twenty-somethings. Heads up my twenty-somethings, one bottle is NEVER enough for two people, and hangovers last more than one day. Yeah, shit gets real in your thirty's. Cheers!

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