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Top LANZA summer hair products for beach waves & volume

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

So Tuesday is it? Funny because without a weekly Taco Tuesday rotation I would have absolutely no clue what day it is. Pandemics are weird like that. One day you're like, "Hey, everyone, it's Hump Day! Only two more days until the weekend woooooo!". Now it's like, did I shower this week? What's the date? It's fricking August? Is it 2021 yet??

So that's why I'm here to let you guys in on some pretty awesome hair products that I've tried out during Quarantine, because I decided I have to keep styling my hair and putting on makeup and getting dressed (I mean...don't get me wrong, I still have plenty of days where I spray a whole can of dry shampoo in my hair that is also covered in baby vomit, so don't be hard on yourself if all you did today was get out of bed, or sometimes not even that, just breathe...).

The first product I want you guys to be aware of its fabulous existence is the LANZA Keratin Healing Oil Hair Plumper. Oh. My. Gosh. This stuff. If you have babies you might recall a certain time in your 4th trimester (yeah, not a lot of talk about that trimester, because it's the absolute worst) called Post-Partum Hair Loss. Yup. Because those bags under your eyes and leaky boobies aren't the only fun new and might I add sexy af changes to your body to look forward to, you also can start shedding all your hair like a dog in the summer. It's not just a little bit of shedding. No. It's allllll the 100 strands of hair a day you didn't shed for 9 months because your pregnancy hormones make your body hold onto all of that hair. So about 4-6 months post-partum, all of those hundreds and hundreds of strands start to fall out, all at once. You'll find yourself eating your hair and getting used to it. Get a lint roller and drain unclogger thingy ASAP because that shit is going to be EVERYWHERE. So when you feel hopeless and need a little confidence boost, this shit is it. I used this as my finishing spray after doing beach waves and holy moly, it was like a pushup bra for my whole head. I instantly saw the results, which had me going from feeling like an awkward preteen to feeling like a Bond Girl on the beach about to be swept off my feet with a martini in my hand. If you have fine, thin hair, or just want to feel like a bombshell, you need this my friend.

My next favorite summer hair treasure is this sexy little guy named Dry Texture Spray. The package (teehee) itself is a tall drink of water. There are a TON of texture sprays out there. I swear I've tried most of them, because I don't like boring, silky hair. I want body, and va-va-voom, hello Dolly Parton hair, ya feel me? So why this texture spray? Because it gives me that sultry, second-day hair, adds sexy volume, but doesn't get sticky. That's right, with this one I can still nervously play with my hair and toss it back and forth, and it doesn't crunch or stick. So if you're a hair-twirler like me but still want a little beachy texture without the icky sticky, pick this one.

Last but not least is this little cutie patootie, the Powder Up Texturizer. It makes me want to say, "Power Up!", because that's literally what it does for your messy, beachy, boho waves and teased wedding updos. That's right baby, this little guy packs a teasy punch. It's tease in a bottle. Okay you get the hint. Powder this baby onto your scalp at the crown where you want some serious volume and height. This baddie adds so much grit it's perfect for special occasion hairstyles, like all the weddings that are going to happen in 2021 after Corona takes her little drunk ass home.

So there ya have it folks. My summer faves.

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