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Spooky Season

Happy October! It's #spookyseason, so with that I wanted to share with you guys my outfit from yesterday's Instagram post, and my DIY Halloween bar cart decor!

"Basic Witch" Fall Outfit

This super cute #basic tee is so soft! I'm wearing this shirt in a Large because I like to loosen it when tucked in! Find it on Amazon here:


I paired this tee with this super sexy black faux leather mini skirt, also from Amazon:


The black wide brim hat is an oldie but goodie from #Forever21! Here's a similar one you can grab from #Amazon for less than $20!:


DIY Spooky Bar Cart Decor

I love decorated bar carts! I got this cart at TJMaxx like..mmm well a couple years ago, so it's seen a few wine stains here and there, but I think that just makes it look more authentic! To decorate it for Halloween this year I wanted a simple, clean, spooky vibe which was so easy!

Here's what I did to create this spooky cart:

  • I soaked the labels off a few wine and whiskey bottles. This is easy to do! Just fill your sink with hot water, dish soap, and baking soda. Soak for about an hour, and you can peel or rub the labels right off!

  • I painted the bottles with classic black acrylic paint and a foam brush. You can find these at any craft store. I did two coats, letting dry in between.

  • Spooky spider web strung all over the cart! Just your classic stretchable web-in-a-bag!

  • Flameless candles from Amazon!

  • Craft pumpkins from Michaels. I painted one of the white ones with the same black acrylic paint!

  • Everyone has a letter board at this point, right? "I put a spell on you..."!

  • Arrange glasses and shot glasses!

What's your favorite way to get ready for Spooky Season?? 🍂🍁🎃

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