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September 30 Day Challenge: Day 7

Happy Labor Day! I hope ya'll had a beautiful long weekend! It's been smoky here because of the fires, and in true Colorado fashion, it might even snow later tonight... even though it was in the 90s yesterday...I am NOT ready for snow! Good thing it should be a quick storm.

Anyway...for today's challenge I thought I'd share with you guys a couple of Podcasts I am obsessed with to inspire you to subscribe to something new that you might not have listened to yet!

Here are a couple of good ones I've been listening to on the reg-

  • For the true crime lover: "Crime Junkie"- Weekly episodes full of true crime details from missing persons cases that still haven't been solved, to eerie murder stories. Definitely give them a listen for your true crime fix.

  • For the girl who needs a confidence boost: "Unf*ck Your Brain" -Title gets your attention, doesn't it? Confidence Coach Kara Loewentheil goes over topics I think a lot of us gals can relate to, such as self-doubt and anxiety.

  • For mamas: "The Mom Hour"- Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers are two moms who co-host this real life weekly podcast full of encouragement and tips for mamas. Give them a listen, mama, you're doing an amazing job!

  • For the girl's girl: "The Ladygang"-Hosted by three girlfriends and featuring a new celebrity guest each week, this podcast is a fun way to get your celeb news without TMZ.

  • For anyone who likes a good mystery: "S-Town"- If you listened to the "Serial" podcast, you'll like this one hosted by Brian Reed. Only 7 episodes. Get lost in a true story of a small Alabama town full of secrets of murder and mystery.

I'd love any suggestions for some more podcasts to add to my list if you guys have any you're currently obsessed with! You can also connect with me on instagram @the.unemployed.hairstylist

The Unemployed Hairstylist

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