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Quarantine Street Style, Target Edition

Hey there, just checking in to see how your Quarantine is going. Still rockin' sweatpants every day? Same. I know some of you that WFH are probably wearing business on the top for your Zoom meetings, and party on the bottom underneath your desk- leggings, sweatpants, whatever's comfy. That's all good, but sometimes when ya have to run out for a Starbucks and a bit of sanity, the sweatpants can take a break, which mine are covered in spitup 99.9% of the time anyway. This is why I love "street wear". It's basically comfy clothes disguised as "okay for public" wear. And I'm not talking things like what you see on that People of Walmart site. Nope, this Mama loves Target, so you can find everything from this look there.

Switch the sweatpants for biker shorts.

I'll be honest, I hate shorts. I'm short, and super self-conscious about my legs. But some self tanner, a.k.a. leg contour, and a pair of slimming black biker shorts, which have suddenly become super popular, can be figure-flattering and give you some immediate cool girl vibes. I love the pair I got from Target, they're high-waisted, stretchy, and not at all see-through.

Cover the girls with something loose and casual.

Pick a top that's loose fitting and casual. A lot of people have been pairing these biker shorts with an oversized graphic tee, I love that look so much I might do that next time I put these shorts on. Today I just slapped on a white athletic tank top because it's nursing friendly for my babe's feedings. But wear whatever is comfy to you, especially if you don't have to ask yourself, "is this breastfeeding friendly?", before getting dressed every day. What's that like?

Slip on some slip-ons.

Yup. If I'm leaving the house for a much needed break from Quarantine in the apartment and an iced coffee, I'm in a real hurry to get there. I mean let's be real. Packing up the babe and diaper bag to leave the house is a whole production. Plus when I was healing from my c-section I couldn't exactly bend down to put shoes on either. So I picked up quite a few pairs of easy slide-on shoes that are great for heading out in a hurry, who has time for anything you have to tie.

My favorite accessories.

This one's easy. The Universal Thread blue chambray shirt from Target is so lightweight it's perfect for adding to literally any street outfit. It's thin enough you can tie it around your waist, or just add as an extra layer over your tank top. Being a breastfeeding mama, I have learned to always have an extra layer I can throw on to hide, um, leaky boobies or spitup stains. But you could just add it on because it's super cute. Also looks cute with a pop of bright pink lipstick.

Mama purse. a.k.a. diaper bag.

Are you even a mom if you don't use your diaper bag as your purse? A good quality diaper bag isn't something you want to skimp on, so I made sure to put this really nice backpack diaper bag on my baby registry. I mean it has tons of extra little pockets for all your 2020 essentials, like hand sanitizer and face masks.

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