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How-to: Clip-in Extensions

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Happy #BeautyTipTuesday y'all!! I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far. We watched The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix last night, I had mixed feelings about it though. Have you guys watched it yet?

So for my beauty tip today I go over Clip-in Hair Extensions care, application, and styling!! If you want to add length and volume for a day without commitment, these are for you! They are so fun to wear to weddings, date nights, or just when you need a quick change without commitment. Below I'm sharing my extension care tips, how to apply them, and how to style so they look natural!

I also really wanted to show off my new headband from Target! An Instagram friend (@katie.uncomplicated) and I made a deal with each other that she would try a hat, and I would try a headband! I've been wearing hats a lot because my baby hairs are poking out from the post partum hair loss, I lost so much hair! She held up her end and wore a super cute hat in her post (go check out her insta, she has the most beautiful red hair!), so now it's my turn to try a headband. I don't usually wear them because they hurt my head, but this one is quite comfortable!

You can find my headband here:


My Bellami Clip-in Extensions

You can find my clip-in extensions here:


(I forgot to take a before photo, but here's what my real length looks like so you can see how fun the extensions are!)

I'm wearing the 24" Bellissima in Beach Blonde. These are for thick hair types. Even after losing hair after I had my babe, my hair is pretty thick. You want to choose a pack that will fit your hair density and color. The great thing about these is the package comes with a test strand so you can make sure the color matches before you open your extensions.

Extension Care

These Bellami Hair Clip-in extensions are 100% human hair, so you want to be gentle with them. Use a special shampoo and conditioner that's sulfate free and made for extensions. I like Matrix Total Results Length Goals: https://www.ulta.com/total-results-length-goals-sulfate-free-shampoo-extensions?productId=pimprod200

I also use a detangler and heat protectant, like the Matrix Length Goals Protector Leave-in Heat Protectant & Styling Spray: https://www.ulta.com/total-results-length-goals-perfector-leave-in-heat-protectant-styling-spray?pro

You may also want to invest in an extension hair brush: https://www.bellamihair.com/products/bellami-boar-brush

You can shampoo and style these like your real hair because they are 100% human hair.

How To Apply Clip-in Extensions

What you need:

  • Teasing comb or brush

  • Clip to section hair, a few bobby pins

  • Hairspray

I section the hair at the nape or neckline & bobby pin into a small bun at the base of the neck. This is because my hair is quite a bit shorter than the extensions, and I hate when these hairs show in the front.

Unclip hair and take another horizontal parting slightly above the bun. This will be the first place you attach a weft.

Using your comb, tease or backcomb the section of hair to the base. This will create a "cushion" for the clips, making the weft more comfortable and to help it stay in.

After teasing, spray the "cushion" with hairspray.

Unclip the clips on the weft so they are open, and dig the clips into the teased cushion, close to but not on the scalp to avoid irritation. Clip all clips closed.

Let hair down and take another horizontal parting about an inch above the last parting. Tease, spray, and clip. Repeat this moving up the head until you reach the crown. This is where you want your last large weft to sit, so you have enough of your hair to cover the wefts so you don't see them.

My pack came with small single wefts, which I add around my face. I angle these at a slight diagonal to hide them since they are in the front.

Once all wefts have been applied, tease the crown and carefully brush over to make sure no wefts are visible. Spray with hairspray to hold.

The easiest way to blend your hair with your extensions is to curl it. I used a wand and just made sure to add my hair with some of the extension hair to blend as much as possible. Carefully comb to soften into waves, and finish with hairspray. I use L'ANZA Healing Style Dramatic F/X


It's a strong hold that's not sticky!

What do you guys think?? Do you like long or short hair better? Are you into headbands, or hats?

Thank you so much for tuning into my Beauty Tip Tuesday! I'll see you guys next week for more! What are some things you'd like to see me do a tutorial or tips on??

The Unemployed Hairstylist

Hi! I'm Krystal! I'm a licensed hairstylist, currently a stay-at-home Mama, just sharing my hair, makeup, and style tips with you!! Thank you for your love and support beautiful friends!

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