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How to clean your makeup brushes at home

Hey. Your makeup brushes are disgusting right now, aren't they? Mine were sooo gross. I let them go way too long without giving them a bath. Between bathing myself and the babe, the brushes aren't really priority. I'm doing my cousin's makeup for her wedding in October, so we are in the trial phase, and I was super grossed out when I looked at how dirty my makeup brushes were. So they got a good bath! Here's what I do at home to clean them when I've ran out of expensive brush cleaner, and I'm at home with the babe, and it's a pandemic so I don't really need to run out just for that expensive brush cleaner when I have plenty of baby shampoo at home!

What you need:

Dawn dish soap, or baby shampoo

A small bowl

Some old towels

A makeup cleansing pad (found mine a while ago at TJ Maxx)

Your nasty makeup brushes

What you'll do:

Super easy and quick!

Just fill a small bowl with Dawn dish soap, or baby shampoo.

Dip a dirty brush in the soap, then run it under a bit of water.

Swirl your brush on the makeup cleansing pad, and watch all the nasty come off.

Rinse brush under hot water and squeeze out the access water.

Lay flat on a towel to dry.

I also soak my beauty blenders in the small bowl of Dawn and hot water. Rinse, then squeeze.

*TIP: You can repeat the dip and swirl if your brush is suuuper gross*

Ta-da! Sooo satisfying to have clean makeup brushes!

Clean your dirty brushes about once a week!

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