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How-to Boho Braids

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Ohh, Quarantine hair. Let me just tell ya. Been rockin' the dry shampoo since March. Actually, I decided to give myself bangs at home like two days before my scheduled c-section for my babe which was right around the time everything shut down for Covid in our state. Don't do that at home, folks, just don't. I'm a licensed hairstylist and have been doing hair for almost a decade now and you'd think I'd learn my lesson- you don't need bangs, you need something else- like an iced coffee, a Target run, a beach vacation, or a therapy session- but what you don't actually need is bangs. Especially because most of the time these, "I think I want bangs...", moments come about around 10pm after a glass of wine or two. Put the scissors down, sis, and call me if you need moral support! Another Quarantine hair confession... about a month ago I couldn't handle my gnarly roots anymore, and thought it would be a great idea to foil and balayage some highlights in the bathroom while the babe napped. Yeah, turns out bleach and fake tanner do not go well together, and I was also wearing one of my nursing nighties and got bleach all over it so I had to throw it out. It was a total bathroom nightmare, but hey, I had highlights again. Do NOT try this at home. You don't know what the heck you're doing (sorry, but hey). And especially because most salons are open again, you can once again safely go get your hair did and support your stylist!

So never mind the fact that it's August and summer is almost over (waaaah). For me, it feels like the sixth month of March. This whole year has gone by so fast with all of us on lockdown. So I'm just catching up to the fact that it's actually summer right now. It's time to put the dry shampoo aside (not forever, just for like a day) and actually do some hairstyles, even if you're WFH or at home with your babe like I am. It's the perfect time to try out some new styles, because if it doesn't turn out or you messed it up royally, you're at home, just turn your Zoom video off, shampoo it out, and try again tomorrow!

But with my help maybe you can rock a new, easy style for your Zoom meetings and seriously impress your coworkers with how put together you are during Quarantine. Or else you might at least impress your Door Dash delivery person.

Boho Pull-through Braid

What you need:


texture spray, I use Awapuhi Texturizing Sea Spray on damp hair, and Sexy Hair Texture High Tide on dry hair to add dimension and seperate.

* small clear elastics

* a comb and hairspray

* add some fun bobby pins or clips if you want

Step one:

Add some grit. A little sea salt spray on damp hair adds volume and a second-day hair feel for more hold. Or I guess you can you use your second-day quarantine hair, too.

Step two:

Pull some hair back toward crown and secure with an elastic to make a simple half-up pony.

Step three: Repeat this step with a bit of hair underneath the first ponytail, so you have two ponytails.

Step four: Now you're going to split the first pony (the one on top) in half, and reaching under you'll simply pull the other pony from underneath in between the two parts, add together (similar to when adding hair together when French Braiding), and secure underneath with an elastic.

You'll basically repeat this until you run out of hair in the ponytail, then add a bit of hairspray and a cute clippie if you'd like!


* I spray dry texture spray as I go and use my fingers or a tail comb to pull out the hair, making it appear fuller and thicker.

* I usually air-dry my hair because it's naturally wavy, but you could simply use an

iron to add waves into your hair first.

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