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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Hi, hello! I'm Krystal. Thank you for checking out my NEW Beauty & Lifestyle Blog as I work from home as a stay-at-home- mama & (unemployed) hairstylist.

So how ya doing during this global Pandemic?? Longest month of March everrrrrr. After Tiger King ran its course, it was like, okay now what do we do...(btw Carole we haven't forgotten).

I was working as a full-time hairstylist & small business owner at the start of 2020. I was also pretty darn preggers, with my first due in March. Yeahhh... when shit really hit the fan with Covid, I had a scheduled c-section (more about that in a future post). Leaving my business behind, I decided to stay home with my little guy. We have fun at home (err tummy time has gotten easier but...) and I'm so so so blessed to have this time to bond with him, but I also missed being there for my clients. So ta-daaa, I'm here! Here for your hair & makeup needs during this crazy time- need more volume? A new hairstyle for your Zoom meetings? Still can't master those Pinterest beach waves? Looking for a great new lippie or mascara for those days when ya feel you've just done the same look over and over (2020 is starting to feel like Groundhog's Day amiright, help us out Bill Murray). I'm here to help. I'm also here if you just need someone to repeatedly tell you NO when you think about getting bangs (TRUST ME).

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