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Wyatt is eight months old today, I just can't believe it. They say time flies, but hell...slow down just a little! He's already starting to crawl, he's so energetic I'll definitely be getting a workout every day chasing him around. I'm such a blessed Mama, I can't even begin to express my gratitude for my sweet Wyatt.

By the way, did you guys know we almost named him Axel? Randy really, really wanted that name. But when we finally got to meet our babe and I got to hold him, he didn't feel like any of the other names we had on our list. He was definitely a Wyatt. I knew it almost immediately, but I didn't tell Randy for a couple of hours. I almost felt guilty or bad that I wasn't going to pick the name he really wanted, I didn't want to hurt his feelings (btw I don't think I've ever even admitted this to Randy).

With Turkey Day just around the corner, and Covid ramping up, how are you guys gathering this year? With family? Friends? Just yourselves at home? We decided to do our own thing at home. With all the anxiety about the virus, I just thought it was best for us to keep our distance. It's going to be different this year for sure, but I am trying to look at the positives. We can start our own traditions. I'll be cooking Thanksgiving dishes by myself for the first time, wish me luck. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday.

Just random thoughts:

  • Do you dress up, or casual for Thanksgiving?

  • Do you go to multiple places for Thanksgiving? Or host?

  • With Covid, are you making changes in your holiday plans this year?

  • What dishes are your favorite, and which ones can you live without?

  • What are you grateful for?

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