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September 30 Day Challenge: Day 3

DIY Aloe & Sugar Scrub

Raise your hand if you're a #basicbitch and you have a cute #houseplant. Raise your hand again if your cute houseplant is still alive, which it should be since you've been #WFH most of this year. If your cute little #succulent needs a little water, take a break and go water the poor fella, and while you're at it grab yourself a glass of water too.

Okay, now that we're all hydrated and happy, let's do some Quarantine #DIY self care. I love a good sugar scrub, but some of them can be really expensive or full of unnecessary crap. A good friend brought over an #aloe #plant baby that her aloe plant had, yeah did you guys know they have babies?? I didn't haha so she brought one over and told me you could make a super simple #sugarscrub (or salt) scrub with the aloe gel!

Here's what I did for the scrub:

  • I cut a piece of aloe leaf off the plant, pretty close to the base.

  • Then I sliced the leaf open, and scraped the goo out into a small bowl.

  • I added good ol' regular granulated sugar to the bowl and gave it a little stir to mix in with the goo.

  • After the sugar and gel were combined, I added a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil. So yummy! But wait don't eat it.

  • I put the scrub into a small jar I had saved from a fruit spread, and bam, you've got yourself a nice sugar scrub for anything that could use a little extra exfoliation. You can use any #essential #oil, like Tea Tree or Peppermint would probably be good, but I ran out of those and just had Lemon on hand.

Do you guys like at-home DIY Beauty Treatments?? What else would you like to DIY?

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