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Day 9 of September 30 Day Challenge

Cook a healthy new recipe

So we used to have the tiniest kitchen at our old apartment, seriously it was basically just a hallway. I hated cooking in it, and when I was pregnant I really just didn't have the energy, so we made a ton of frozen pot pies and pizzas. When we moved into our new place in June, I was so happy because the kitchen is amazing! It's where I want to spend all my time, we even just sit at the bar counter and haven't yet used our dining table. I love cooking up new recipes, and seeing where they fall into our weekly rotation.

We love seafood dishes, so this one falls into one of our easy weeknight dinners to prepare. Shrimp cooks up super quick, and the homemade garlic sauce makes it feel like you're really treating yourself instead of just pouring sauce out of a jar. I love pairing with a Chardonnay and lighting a candle, it feels like you're dining out from the comfort of home.

Follow the easy recipe here:


Enjoy! What are some other weeknight meals you guys love?

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