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Day 8 of September 30 Day Challenge

Try a new hairstyle

Let's be real. Quarantine sucks, but at least you can rock dry shampoo for a few days and no one can really judge you through your Zoom. Salons shut down here in Colorado in March, and I have to admit I did not see it coming. I went from seeing all of my clients to seeing absolutely no one. So when things got shut down, it was like okay we can handle this, for a while. Not do our hair. Not wear pants. But there comes a point where you NEED to style your hair and put on makeup before you lose your identity, put on real pants. Okay I might sound dramatic but think about how good it feels when you have an awesome hair day. So I challenge you to style your hair today. I challenge you to curl it, or blowdry it out with some body and bounce. Add a cute trendy headband or clip. Use some hairspray like you mean it. Because girl let me tell ya, quarantine WILL end at SOME point, and when it does, we're all gonna have rock star hairstyles to show off and pretend like we didn't walk around our houses pants-less with troll hair for a year, amiright?

I've always loved a strong ponytail. But I recently cut off quite a bit of my hair at home (kids don't do this at home, I'm a trained professional!). So my ponytail game has felt kind of weak. I bit the bullet and ordered a Bellami Wrap Ponytail Extension:


I can't describe the level of confidence this gave me, but I can tell you I feel like a Disney Princess, but one who drinks wine and cusses a little.

I plan to wear this hairstyle at my cousin's wedding in a month.

What hairstyle would you guys like to see next? You can contact me here on my blog, or reach out on my Instagram!


The Unemployed Hairstylist

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