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Day 28- Throw away expired makeup

This one is hard. Because when you hit your 30's, you can no longer get away with cheap "drugstore" makeup. Every trip to Ulta is like a love/hate, because you love the feeling of getting your favorite high-end makeup, but you hate how you spend a fortune and walk out with only three things. Here's the thing though, it's 100% worth spending the money on high quality products that go on your face. Same goes with your hair products. Those "cheaper" products you can save on at the grocery store or drugstore are filled with harmful ingredients and "fillers" that cause more damage. They are also usually watered down (shampoo, hair style products, etc) so that you run out faster and have to buy more. Did you just have an "a-ha" moment? So don't feel bad "splurging" for the good stuff, it's better for you, and will actually help your wallet in the long-run! But when the cabinet under your bathroom sink starts to look like it's own drugstore of products, it's time to throw some stuff out sister. Same goes with makeup, which can grow bacteria and be harmful to you.

Here's how long your makeup should sit on your counter:

  • Face (foundation, blush, etc): 2 years after opened

  • Lipstick: 1 year (yup, sorry)

  • Eyshadow: 2 years (umm my palettes are super old, I'm guilty of this one)

  • Mascara & liquid liner: Toss it when it dries out, usually around 3 months after opening

Never share your makeup, you can spread seriously harmful bacteria, like staph. Clean your makeup brushes at least once a week. And toss the old, crusty mascara you've been holding onto for a year because it wasn't a cheapy one from Walgreens.

How many expired makeup products are sitting in your stash right now??

The Unemployed Hairstylist

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