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Day 23 of 30 Day Challenge

Hello friends!

Today I was going to show you how to declutter or reorganize a space in your home, buuuuut my baby boy is six months old today!! Holy moly, how do I have a six month old already?? This whole year has gone by so fast. We had his six month checkup on Monday, and he's doing amazing, right on with his development and growing like a weed! I used to think I would never be one of "those" moms who just rambles on and on about her baby and his poops and spitup and how much he weighs and what new milestones he's reached, but here I am- you talk about what you're passionate about!

So instead of doing the 30 Day post today, I'm going to bake chocolate cupcakes to celebrate! Obviously the cupcakes are just for me and Randy, but we did start Wyatt on baby oatmeal yesterday and it's been so fun to watch his reaction to it!

Having a baby during Quarantine and the Covid-19 Pandemic has not been easy. I want to share with you guys Wyatt's birth story. He was born in March, right after things really got crazy and had shut down because of the Pandemic. I will post his birth story this weekend!

Thanks so much for being here with me guys! It's been a crazy year, but having a strong connection through this blogging community has made such a difference!

Off to make some chocolate cupcakes! Happy half birthday sweet baby Wyatt!

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