• Krystal Ford

Day 20

Take a bubble bath

Happy Sunday!!

What do you guys look forward to doing most on the weekends? I don't know if it's because we are getting closer to Fall and football is back, but all I want to do is lounge in my sweatpants to watch the Broncos, avoid all adulting, snack on junk food, put on a face mask (like a spa one, not a Covid one), pour some wine, and take a bubble bath. But I have a 6 month old sooo self care isn't as easy these days. I haven't taken a bath since I was pregnant. Plus our bathtub in our old apartment was really small, so it wasn't very relaxing anyway. Our new apartment has a nice brand new oval tub, and I still haven't treated myself to a bubble bath. So that's why I chose this for today's 30 Day Challenge.

My favorite bubble bath essentials:

  • Joon X Moon sugar scrub cubes

  • Dr. Teal's Melatonin Epsom Salt Soak

  • Lavender Essential Oil

  • Que Bella "relax" facial mask

Of course I also think you'll need a glass of wine, some candles, music or a book, and maybe more than five minutes to yourself.

How do you relax on Sunday?


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