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Day 18

Call a friend

This challenge for the 30 Day Challenge for a Happier Quarantine sounds simple, right? Wrong. The thing is, people actually rarely talk on the phone anymore. I'm guilty of this, if my phone rings, I will most likely let it go to voicemail or wait for a text to see what they want. It wasn't always like this, I remember growing up and talking on the phone (the landline!) with friends for hours, even when we had nothing to talk about because we were 10.

After Covid hit and basically shut down our lives and told us we couldn't see our friends, we really started to reach out to keep sane. I had just had a baby (where my other Pandemic mamas at?), and none of our friends or family could visit, not even at the hospital. So talking on the phone or over video was really the only way to keep in touch. It actually became something I felt like I needed to do every day, because my anxiety and depression was so bad, I felt I was the loneliest person on Earth if I didn't talk to someone every single day.

So don't hesitate to call a friend. You never know, a simple five minute phone call just to say, "how are you?", could really mean more to them than you know.

My favorite ways to talk to friends:

  • The app "House Party" - you can chat over video, add other people into the chat, & even play games!

  • Did you know you can video call on Snapchat now? Super convenient for quick chats

  • Zoom- for "telehealth" appointments like counseling & non-urgent doctor appointments

  • Echo Show device, hooks up to your phone contacts and Alexa so you have hands free video calling

How are you staying in touch with friends and family during Quarantine?

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