• Krystal Ford

Day 16

Plan a vacation

What were your 2020 vacation plans before the Covid-19 Pandemic put a stop to traveling, and basically life as we knew it? Back in Fall 2019 I was pregnant and wanted to take a Babymoon, but we just never got around to it. In fact, I haven't traveled in about three years since I went to Vegas with my sister for my 30th birthday (that's a fun story I'll maybe share with you guys another time!). We even talked about going on a cruise before I got pregnant. Now that we have our sweet baby boy, I can't wait to take him to see all the magical places, like Disneyland. Right now I'm feeling like we need somewhere warm and tropical with a beach! I can see it now, margarita in hand, toes in the sand, baby boy playing and laughing, the sun shining.

Where do you see yourself vacationing?

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