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Day 14 of September 30 Day Challenge

Read a new book

Fall always gives me motivation to read a suspenseful new thriller. I love creepy twists and turns with unexpected endings, like Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. Since we are all spending more time at home these days, I thought it would be a great time to find a new book to curl up with under a cozy blanket on a chilly Fall night. The one I picked is Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown. I can't wait to get into it so I can let you guys know how it is! So pour a glass of wine, grab a warm blanket, light a Fall scented candle, and grab a book. Here are some other mysteries I'm interested in:

  • A Stranger in the House

  • The Wife Between Us

  • The Silent Patient

  • My Lovely Wife

  • Dangerous Girls

  • Good Me, Bad Me

What psychological thrillers have you read that you recommend??

The Unemployed Hairstylist

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