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Day 10 of September 30 Day Challenge

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Try a New Wine

It's not coincidental that I picked this as my challenge on the same night I do Booze Clues, where I review a new wine and watch a true crime show every Thursday night while my boyfriend plays rec softball. This way I can share with you guys a little bit more of a wine review!

After getting into the swing of having an infant at home, I realized I was lacking some serious self care. At first, one of the only times I really had a silent moment to myself was wayyy late at night after the baby and my boyfriend went to bed. I would stay up, get in some cozy jammies, pour a glass of wine, and just sit and relax for about an hour before I finally couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Even though it's Covid, recreational softball started back up in our town. I used to go to every single game my boyfriend played before I was pregnant. I'll be honest, the virus still makes me too nervous to go to the games. So baby and I stay home, which I've come to enjoy because I get a night to do something for myself, like watch true crime shows, eat frozen pizza, and try a new wine!

I'm definitely a red wine kind of girl. I typically stick to a dry red, like a Cabernet or Malbec, sometimes a Merlot. I used to not like white wine at all, but then I discovered I just didn't like sweet white wines, so I stick to the dry whites like Chardonnay. Also, am I the only one who decides red or white depending on what the weather is like? A hot summer day definitely calls for Chardonnay.

Some of my favorites have already been reviewed on Booze Clues, as well as new ones I hadn't tried before. So tonight I wanted to try a new red, and review for you guys!

The wine: Century Oak Winery Cabernet Sauvignon

My review: The label on the bottle is so pretty. Elegant font and a beautiful oak tree make you feel like you have your fancy pants on, this would be a good bottle to bring as a gift to a hostess. I actually had my boyfriend pick this wine up for me on his way home from work, and he told me the bottle had a tree on it, so I went with it. That's usually how I pick my wines. If it has a pretty bottle, I'll give it a try.

After opening the bottle and pouring a glass that I didn't get to until after I had fed baby, pumped, and put baby down for bed, I finally sat down to relax and try this wine. The aroma gave me feelings of Autumn- funny, because here in Colorado we had an early snow the last couple of days, and everything just felt so cozy. The color of the wine is deep and rich like a red ruby, just begging you to bring it to your lips.

First sip, I immediately picked up a hint of spice. It reminded me of one of my favorite childhood birthday cakes, actually, good old Betty Crocker Spice Cake, only fancier, and for adults.

I think this wine would be great enjoyed on a front porch on a late summer night, with early fall leaves rustling in a soft, crisp breeze, porch lights flickering, end-of-summer crickets chirping, and a soft sweater lightly hugging your shoulders.

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