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Conquer brunch like a basic 30- something badass

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Want to know the best part of being a thirty-something? If you didn't already guess day drinking, it's day drinking. The fact that someone once thought on Sunday morning, you know what would be better with this meal besides coffee? Alcohol. But not just any alcohol, you can't just wake up and start drinking whiskey or beer (I mean I guess you could, but, that's another issue I may dabble on later). No, to quench your thirst on Sunday morning along with your fancy french toast you wouldn't dare make on a weekday because it doesn't deserve it, you need a boozy Bloody Mary or a bubbly mimosa. And that my friends, is what makes being a thirty- something so awesome. Because you can wake up and have a drink with your breakfast and no one thinks twice about it. Because they know you've been through the stages of life where you drunkenly stumble around Downtown from boujee bars to sketchy nightclubs where everyone moves like they think they're in a music video for some weird reason. They know you've taken more than enough puke-worthy shots of Jager from that average height Joe-shmo at the bar that just won't get the hint and frick off. Not to mention all the Uber rides through the Taco Bell drive-thru. Sis you've EARNED this boozy breakfast cocktail. You've been through enough. You've learned that drinking anything besides an herbal tea all night now has the consequence of a two or even three day hangover, depending on how much water you had that day and if you take multi-vitamins and do an herbal juice cleanse and pray to the Hangover gods to take mercy on you because you'll "never drink again" if they do. So go ahead and pop that champ, stir that vodka up in that tall glass of forgiving tomato juice. Heck, if you need to have your coffee too, why don't you go ahead and treat yourself to some Bailey's in there. In fact I recently discovered how delightful a Starbucks iced caramel machiatto is with a couple shots of Bailey's.

My favorite thing to add to these boozy breakfasts has been a fresh bouquet of flowers. It just adds that super cute girly touch to your morning, and pairs well with a premixed mimosa in a carafe.

The best bottle of bubbly for mimosas is one that isn't the bottom shelf $4 bottle, but isn't the ridiculously overpriced bottle either. I like the La Marca Prosecco myself. It's inexpensive, but something about it makes me feel fancy af.

So one of the last places we went to before the world shut down for Quarantine 2020 was the newly opened First Watch. I was probably around eight months pregnant at that time, and all I wanted was thick, fluffy french toast just soaked in syrup. First Watch delivered. It was so good that I still crave it. So being "safer at home", I wanted to recreate that "ignorance is bliss" feeling I had pigging out on french toast at First Watch before the pandemic hit. I found this yummy recipe on Pinterest (duh) from Maria at Two Peas and Their Pod (link below).


I followed her recipe almost exact, except I did substitute milk with heavy cream because I wanted a richer batter. I also made a simple glaze with two cups of powdered sugar, 6 tablespoons of heavy cream, and 1 tsp of vanilla extract. Just throw it all (well don't throw the powdered sugar, have you ever inhaled that crap??) in a bowl and mix with a spoon, then glaze your beautiful brioche french toast, add some fruit if you'd like or zest of lemon, and grab your mimosa to feel like a badass bitch who just conquered brunch. Cheers, loves!

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