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Booze Clues week 2: "He Lied About Everything"

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Successful, beautiful, and vulnerable journalist meets foreign, romantic,acclaimed surgeon what could go wrong?

First of all, this documentary was pretty different from others I had watched. It's told by the victim, journalist Benita Alexander. She sits and recounts the nightmare with her best friends and a couple glasses of wine, about how this uber romantic (and hairy) surgeon, Paolo Macchiarini, completely swept her off her feet at one of her darkest times of her life. If I know anything about dudes, it's if they are pulling out all the stops, like spoiling you with fancy dresses and jewelry (that later turns out to be fake), they could be A. sincere (and a Unicorn), or B. hiding something. This dude was definitely hiding something. He was hiding EVERYTHING. It's even in the title, so there's your first clue.

Clue #2- The doctor's work starts to completely go frighteningly bad. This "renowned" surgeon was performing experimental surgeries, that all but failed...yeah...kind of my worst nightmare, a scary doctor with a hero complex. Almost all of his "experiments", his patients, had died as a result. Oh btw, this dude performed an emergency surgery on Benita in a hotel room with a pair of scissors. This guy was like a real-life Frankenstein.

Clue #3- Your whirlwind romance is too good to be true, and moves FAST. This guy proposes at Christmas and tells poor Benita who's of course ecstatic she bagged this successful surgeon...yeah... that the friggin Pope will be marrying them. Umm, excuse me? The POPE? Okay...sure...not to mention Bill and Hilary Clinton will also make the guest list. Paolo makes all sorts of promises to poor Benita, buys her multiple dresses for the wedding, and takes salsa lessons for her for their wedding dance. So, turns out, creepy Dr. Frankenstein was taking those salsa lessons with ANOTHER WOMAN, and the salsa instructor knew nothing of Benita or her wedding to Paolo. Cool.

Clue #4- You hire a P.I. to investigate what else your skeezy fiance could be lying about. You already know his experiments on humans have caused people to lose their lives, you know he's been lying about every single wedding detail (neither the Pope nor the Clintons were aware they were supposed to be guest stars at the wedding, obviously like come on). Then you get to see first-hand (in a disguise, wig and all, not going to lie that part looked kind of fun, I'd love to be a P.I.), that this dude is STILL married, and has kids, and they're all running from his house when you have someone knock on the door. Mmmk. Might be time to bail? No? No. Because he's got you. You're sucked in. He makes it hard to believe the truth even when you see it with your own eyes.

Clue #5- He takes no responsibility for his actions. This guy experimented on people, who ended up dying, and he blamed the media for spreading false information about his work, and calls himself the victim of all of this....okay....that seems fair, not. He does go to trial eventually, but gets nothing more than a slap on the wrist. That's right folks, apparently surgeons and doctors can just experiment and call it science and get no consequences if their patients all happen to die as a result. This guy suuuuucks.

Booze time! This cabernet is from Badger Mountain Certified Organic Vineyard. So for all you gluten-free folk, this one's for you. This one is also great if you can't find your bottle opener because it has a twist off cap, not a cork. Let me tell ya how handy that is, I myself have searched "how to open a bottle of wine without a bottle opener" on YouTube several times when one can't be found (have you seen the one with a shoe and a wall? I wouldn't recommend it). I liked this wine just fine for a glass or two, but not sure I'd save the cork if it had one (I only save corks from wines I'd purchase again). It had a slightly spicy finish, which paired well with watching a woman take matters into her own hands in this documentary to find out what her tricky fiance was really up to!

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