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Booze Clues Thursday!

Rosé & "The Vow"

Good evening y'all and happy #boozecluesthursday, where I mix a new wine review in with a true crime show! I look forward to this every week, it's so fun to try a new wine and I love reviewing for you guys!

Tonight's wine isn't actually a new one, this is the second time I've "tasted" this rosé because it's a perfect one for a summer/early fall evening! The bottle is absolutely beautiful first of all, and it's so affordable, under $15! I love the roses on the bottle, it has a nice romantic esthetic. I love this wine because it's not too sweet. It's a fruity but dry and crisp wine that makes me want summer to keep going, yet I can't wait for Fall to really hit at the same time.

This is my favorite wine tumbler! I got it in a gift package that was sent to me from my boyfriend's family after we had our baby in March! It's so stinking cute. Cheers!

Now let's get started on some true crime!

Tonight I logged into my besties HBO Max account 🤪 so I could check out "The Vow". It's an all new documentary about the NXIVM cult, I am just tickled rosé pink about cults. They are so bizarre it's hard not to watch.

NXIVM, a multi-level marketing company (aka cult) led by a creepy guy named Keith who goes by "Vangaurd", who starts a cult to brainwash people for his own personal gain... how original. "Vangaurd", and actually his members too, liked to kiss everyone on the lips... red flag number one anyone?

This one goes down the dark rabbit hole of sex trafficking, and people were even branded, yes, like cattle. What got people, even celebrities and intelligent CEOs, to become cattle in this narcissist cult? The idea that one could simply become successful by overcoming their obstacles through the ESP (executive success programs) "workshops", whether it be anxiety, insecurity, fear, or even illness (they claim to have cured Tourette's)- with a small price of course. Money, sex, and control are what made this cult so powerful. Until its members slowly started to come out of the fog.

This docuseries has 9 parts with new episodes on Sundays.

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