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Booze Clues: HBO & Custard Chardonnay

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Hey ya'll, how's your Thursday?? So on Thursday nights my boyfriend Randy plays softball, so it's just me and the babe. I was thinking this would be a great opportunity for me to have a girlfriend over so we could have some wine, and what goes better with wine than some true crime? We decided to call it "Booze Clues", with an episode of true crime and a wine "tasting". So each Thursday night I'll have a new wine review, and give you some true crime show recommendations.

Frozen pizza in the oven, a new Chard chillin' in the fridge, and true crime waiting for us on HBO. "I Love You, Now Die" on HBO is a two-part documentary that follows the story of Michelle Carter and her boyfriend Conrad Roy III, whom she convinced through text messages to take his own life. You've probably already heard this story or seen other true crime documentaries on it as it was National news just a couple years ago, in fact right now Michelle is a free woman. This one was extremely hard to watch. Two star-crossed lovers, who's relationship is based off mainly just text messages with only having about five meetings in person, share common issues with their

mental health - anxiety, depression, loneliness.

Conrad is found in his truck in a K-Mart parking lot after Michelle texts his family that she hasn't heard from him, and asking them to find him for her. The family calls him in as missing, and the police find him in his truck. Suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. The cops question what could make an 18-yr-old do such a thing...and then they see his cell phone and his text messages from Michelle before he died. The text messages told everything.

Oh man. This story will make your blood boil. It will make your fists clench. It will make you want a glass of wine to get through it.

My friend Ashley brought over this Chardonnay, Custard. Sounds like a rich, velvety dessert!

The first sip was blissful, like a long, hot bubble bath at the end of a hard day.

We started the first part of this HBO documentary and both of us clenched our wine glasses. This one is both intense and heartbreaking. This wine is comforting, like an ice cream sandwich.

I liked Custard Chardonnay overall! It was full-bodied, rich, creamy, and dry- the way I like it. Give this sweet little Custard a try, it's perfect for a summer night and some HBO binge-worthy true crime docs.

So basically Michelle wanted to have more friends, right, so she concocts this evil, devilish plan to convince her boyfriend to take his life, by any means necessary- I mean this girl texts him all sorts of awful ideas on how he should do it, it's sickening.

The thing is, although he was already depressed and dealt with anxiety, he was having second thoughts. But Michelle made sure he didn't back out. After he got out of his truck, Conrad called Michelle because he was scared. Her response to him was, "Get back in". And he did.

So here's the thing. Apparently texting someone over and over to kill themselves isn't recognizable as a crime. Okay....that needs to be fixed ASAP. I mean this chick wouldn't stop telling him to "do it already", and when she knew he was actually in mortal danger, she didn't try to stop him or call for help. It's beyond disturbing. And you know what, text messages are there forever, even if they get deleted. Wonder if she knew that? She also did a "trial run", days before he died, to text her friends that he was missing to make sure they would pay more attention to her. Okay, that's not normal...red flag. Then afterwards, she plans a baseball benefit for him, in her own hometown, where no one knew him and his family was miles away. She just had to make sure she was given credit for it, and was "almost famous". This girl had serious red flags all over the place.

So this girl is smart, she gives up her right for a trial by a jury of her peers. Well duh, because they would hang her. Hold on, I need more wine for the conclusion...

The judge ultimately decides that she didn't cause her boyfriend's death, but that when he climbed out of his truck to call her to tell her how scared he was and that he didn't want to do it, she didn't do what she could to stop it. Ugh. Just say she's guilty already. She's sentenced 15 years for involuntary manslaughter, but guess what, she gets out just after 11 months for "good behavior".

I can't stop thinking about how awful this must be for his family, and even her family. This two-part documentary has all of the horrifying texts, and all of the court videos, and it will PISS YOU OFF. Seriously, it's such a sad story. Grab your wine, you're gonna need it.

Mental health is such a tough topic for a lot of people. I myself have suffered for years with depression and anxiety, and in my 30s am finally learning how to better manage it. Please reach out to your loved ones. Especially now, during this crazy Pandemic, reach out to your family and friends. Even those who don't appear to be suffering, may be hiding it under a smile and that fake, "I'm great, how are you?", text. Our society NEEDS to talk about mental illness. We NEED a better support system for depression, anxiety, and behavior and personality disorders. End the stigma.

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