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Booze Clues -Dead In The Water

Watching: Accident, Suicide, or Murder on Oxygen

Season 2: Episode 10 Dead in the Water

Wine: Velvet Devil Merlot, Charles Smith Wines from Washington State

W. what's it like? A smooth, full bodied glass of seduction.

I. is it a wine I'd buy again? Heck yeah, this is actually one of my faves.

N. not complete without a good Oxygen true crime doc

E. emptied the bottle, my cousin and I shared it while we did her wedding hair trial before I started watching this episode!

Accident, Suicide, or Murder: Dead in the Water (on Oxygen)

This is a story of a girl, who met a guy, who turned out to be a sociopath who murdered her and tried to make it look like a suicide in a bath tub.

Lisa and Chad had a happy marriage. Until Chad lost his job and their house went under foreclosure. Here's your first clue: money does not equal happiness, but losing a shit ton of it (yeah, he made six figures...) can certainly cause some tension...

Poor Lisa dealt with severe anxiety and depression like so many people do. She was managing her symptoms with meds, again, like so many people do. Her family and friends noticed she was "herself" again. And then she tragically died, under suspicious circumstances... Clue #2, "nothing made sense" at the crime scene, and Chad was extremely calm when calling 911... yeah, like, he asked them to be quiet when entering the home as not to wake the kids... look out for this guy. Right away the investigators were suspicious of Chad. He tried to assure them that his wife was depressed, purposely overdosed on her depression meds, and then drowned herself in the bathtub while he slept. They're not buying it. The tub was drained, her hair was down (not in a scrunchie, like any woman taking a late night bubble bath would do because she doesn't want her hair wet, come on Chad). But an official autopsy would tell what really happened that night.

As the family and investigators await the autopsy results to find out what really happened to Lisa, a bunch of shady details emerge. Lisa was filing for a divorce from Chad because he was a violent drunk. She also had a secret phone with text messages to another man. Chad finds all of this out, decides to forge "accidental death" life insurance policies on his own computer while Lisa is at work, and then just days later she is found unresponsive in their bathtub while he slept. Clue #3, it's always the husband.

Autopsy results are, shocking. Lisa did not have enough of her depression meds in her system for a suicidal overdose as Chad had insisted. She also had injuries to her body inconsistent with an accident. A drowning specialist is brought in, and she says she never sees injuries like Lisa's except for in homicides. Well there ya have it, Chad, your story sucks. Clue #4, always fight. Fight. Fight. Chad's DNA was also found under Lisa's fingernails. She nailed him.

Chad's shady sociopath behavior didn't fool anyone and the guy got locked up for 45 years. Good riddance to ya buddy.

I highly recommend this docuseries on Oxygen. The episodes are packed full of facts and investigations, and it always feels good to see justice be served to the assholes behind the crimes. Grab a glass of Velvet Devil merlot, and turn on Accident, Suicide, or Murder on Oxygen for your True Crime fix.

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