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Basic Beach Wave Tutorial

When I was working in the salon, one of the most asked for "how do I achieve this at home" looks was definitely beach waves. Everyone wanted to know how to create those sexy, tousled waves at home. With so many tutorials and how-to's out there to achieve those effortless-looking beach waves, I thought I'd put my own tips out there for you guys. I have a six-month old baby at home, so if/when I curl my hair, it has to be done quickly during nap time! #beachwavetutorial

Check out my step-by-step, as well as my recommended products below:

Beach Waves Step-by-step

1. Prep dry hair with a heat protectant. I use Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press thermal protection hairspray.

2. I'm using my good old Marcel Curling Iron from beauty school that's like 10 years old, but any 1" curling iron will do.

3. After sectioning hair out, take a one inch section of hair and curl away from the face, starting a couple inches from the scalp, and leaving the ends of the hair out for a natural effect.

4. Grab the next section of hair, and curl in the opposite direction as the previous strand.

5. Repeat alternating the direction of curls until all of the hair is curled, making sure to leave the ends out.

6. Let curls cool, and comb through using a wide tooth comb.

7. Smooth, define, and add shine with a texture cream *Sachajuan Finish Cream*. (got this in my #fabfitfun box!)

8. Tousle and add sexy texture *SexyHair Texture High Tide Finishing Hairspray*.

9. Add volume and hold with hairspray *L'ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Hair Plumper Finishing Spray*. #lanzahaircare

You can view my Beach Wave Tutorial video (btw guys, this is my first time making videos and I was really nervous haha you'll have to excuse all the "ums", I'll work on it!) On YouTube:


What hairstyle and products would you guys like to see a tutorial on next? #beautyblog #lifestyleblog #hairtutorial #fallhairstyles

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