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5 Minute Brows

What's the one thing you can get into shape without working out? Your eyebrows! Okay bad jokes aside, eyebrows can really make or break your look for the day. Remember plucking your eyebrows into a pencil thin basically non-existent line in middle school? Yikes. Glad they grew back. Full, softly groomed brows give a more youthful appearance.

Check out my YouTube tutorial here:


Here's what I use to fill my eyebrows daily:

Please excuse how gross my makeup brushes are, they get a lot of use haha

Here's my easy steps for filling in brows:

  1. Before you begin, grab a pair of tweezers and make sure to pluck those stray hairs only. Don't go crazy!

  2. Use the spoolie end of the angled brush to comb the brow hair upward.

  3. After dipping the angled brush into the slightly darker shade of the duo powder, outline underneath the brow, accentuating the middle arch, through to the tail end.

  4. Comb the brow hair down, and repeat. Outline above the brow, from the tail end to the arch and leaving just a little of the ends unlined to keep it natural looking.

  5. Comb brow back into place. Using the angled brush and the lighter color powder, fill in the middle of the brow.

  6. Use the spoolie again the blend.

  7. Using the mini concealer brush, dip into the concealer and underline the brow to cleanup any stray lines, and to accentuate a crisp line. You can also add highlighter under the brow bone for a little extra dimension.

Here are my brows before and after filling them in:

There ya have it. At first it can seem like you're taking way too much time out of your morning to "put your brows on", but I promise after some practice things will speed up, and you'll be amazed how much of a difference just taking the time to perfect your brows makes in your makeup routine!

I love sharing these tips with you guys! What other tips/tutorials would you guys like to see??

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